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Winner Results / Achievements

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As well as quality of build, Winner Optimists are renowned for their consistancy at the top of the fleet.

Just look below.

New Zealand Results

2016-17 - NZ Rankings - Eleven of the top Thirteen boats were Winner Optimists.

1. Seb Menzies sailing 4658 (Team Winner boat)

2015-16 - NZ Rankings - Fifteen of the top twenty boats were Winner Optimists.

1. Henry Wilson sailing 4605 (last years team Winner boat)
2. Campbell Stanton sailing 4629 ( This years team Winner boat)

2014-15 - NZ Rankings - Fourteen (possibly 15) of the top Twenty sailors used winner optimists.

1.Sebastian Lardies Winner 4459
2.Sam Bacon Winner 4583
3.Craig Keenan Winner 4366
4.William Shapland Winner 4465
5.Robbie MCCutcheon Winner 4429
6.Oliver Cowley 4560
7.Sam Morgan Winner 4556
8.Pat Morgan Winner 4555

2013-14 - NZ Rankings - Six of the top Eight boats were Winner Optimists.

1 4581 Scott Mckenzie Team Winner boat
2 4583 Sam Team Winner boat


See the Winner Optimist NZ Facebook pages for the most upto date results for Winner Optimists in New Zealand.

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