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The new 3D designed optimist

Some time ago Winner Optimist decided they would launch a new and improved Optimist. Their goal was to make the fastest possible Optimist in the world. Since Winner already build the best Optimists in the world – they did the obvious and had the existing Winner DenMark 12Ti 3D scanned!

Then, Winner had one of the leading Finite Elemente Method (FEM) CAD engineers make a analysis of the Optimist. This way they knew precisely where the weak and strong points of the Optimist were. (FEM allows detailed visualization of where structures bend or twist, and indicates the distribution of stresses and displacements.)

With these two tests in mind Winner hired one of the best 3D CAD engineers and input data from: On water test, FEM test, 3D scans and all the knowledge/feedback gained from Winner sailors and coaches all over the world. After several months of work, a 3D improved and optimised hull shape. Improved Optimist moulds were 3D milled

How is the 3D Star Optimist optimized

· Better water flow
· Better lift in "nose"
· Maximized length of waterline
· The mast step has been lifted 5 mm (to catch more wind)
· The centerboard case has been lowered 5 mm (to have more centerboard in the water)
· Less drag (the edged has been sharpened)

Watch the video of a Winner Optimist being made at the factory