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Buying a Winner Optimist

Things to decide when ordering/buying a new Winner Optimist

Hull - Brand New vs Ex Charter (save over $1000)

The weight of your sailor will influence the rig, sail and even the foils.

Rig - Optimax Mk4 (over 43kg) or Optimax Mk3 (under 43kg). Occasionally sailors prefer the BloackGold rigs (especially the Flexi mast) and possibly with a stiff 45mm or 55mm boom

Foils - N1 or DSK ? Flexi or stiff? Again this epends on the weight and experience of the sailor.
The lighter the sailor the more flexible the foils. These bend in the gusts when windy and help the lighter sailors perform.

Sail - Optimist Crazy supply Olimpic, J Sail, North Sails and Doyle sails. Get a sail suited to the weight of your sailor.

Mainsheet systems can be upgraded from 3: to 4:1 for the smaller sailors. This allows the sheet to be "played'more easily by helping performance for the smaller sailors.

Covers - Winner padded luxury cover have excellent padding to protect your investment, however are not totally waterproof. The North covers are more waterproof and have less padding.

Trolley - trolley padding to protect the hull. Does it fit on your trailer?

Call Neil 021 724577 to discuss the options and get a quote.

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