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School / Training / Fun Optimists

Optimist Crazy offers both Polyethelene / Rotary Moulded boats (SailQube) and fibreglass School Optis - with protective rubber gunwale and built in buoyancy tanks.

Watch the video of the first test sail for a SailQube in New Zealand.



1. SAILQUBE - Polyethelene SELF DRAINING optimist type dinghy.


sailqube sailqube

*SailQube - Opti polyethylene school, complete

SailQube, is THE newest, fastest and coolest polyethylene dinghy, designed by Jo Richards!

The boat is suitable for everyone and is multi functional! It's an ideal practise boat for young sailors because of it's undestructable and unsinkable material. Because of the dimensions and styling, SailQube is also the perfect race trainer for the international Optimist Class.

The boat will be supplied in 3 options:
1) Hull complete with fittings
2) SailQube School complete ready to sail with school sail and school sleeve spars
3) SailQube Race trainer with Race sail, silver race spars and as an extra a ratchet block.

The boat is completely fitted with Optiparts / Windesign fittings, nothing else. So it is really easy for keeping spare parts, swapping things around etc.

The inserts for the ratchet block fairlead are already in the hull, so you can upgrade your SailQube school with a ratchet block.

sailqube sailqube

Key Product Features:

Styling/dimensions faithful to racing boat where appropriate/applicable/possible
Incredible panel stiffness and torsional rigidity
OptiParts Standard Hardware/fixture dimensions
100% cockpit self-draining
100% dry upon righting after capsize
Extremely durable & maintenance free construction
Towing bridle integral eyes in the transom
Spacious cockpit (Lots of space to carry a second child)
Dagger board top plate (so no unwanted water comes in to the boat)
3 ribs on the bottom for stiffness and dragging the boat up and down the beach
Dagger board shock absorber in case you run aground
Standard Optiparts rudder distance between the gudgeons.
Hatches and hiking straps
Dagger board top plate
Mast plate and adjustable maststep

sailqube sailqube sailqubesailqube

See the VIDEO:

Coming soon.

Lenght 2,30 m
Beam 1,13 m
Height 0,40 m
Weight 39 kg
Persons 1 - 2
Sailing level Beginner - expert
Race level Club - international
Transport Car

For more information and pricing phone Neil on 021 724577

sailqube sailqube